Chocolate Cake Day

January 27th

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Chocolate Cake Day

Chocolate Cake Day originated in the 1990’s by a chocolate lover and daughter of a cake baker, Patti Jewel. The idea was conceived after experimenting with different chocolate cake recipes and discovering all the varieties of chocolate that are available. 

The day was created to share the love of chocolate cake in all it’s varieties and unite Chocolate Cake lovers around the world.

This food holiday is now a worldwide celebration of this amazing dessert.


Note: Many websites add the word “National” making it National Chocolate Cake Day. This is not the name the creator intended. This day is a world holiday designated to unite people from around the world in sharing their variety of Chocolate Cake. Please list this holiday as it was intended. 

Chocolate Cake Day is the day to share and eat some Chocolate Cake!

While chocolate cake varies from place to place, one thing remains. Chocolate Cake is a favorite around the world. With lots of varieties to choose from, have a slice of your favorite and indulge!

Celebrating Chocolate Cake Day

Bakers around the world, both professional and home, unite on this day sharing and swapping recipes.

Bring a chocolate cake to work or home for your family to enjoy together.

Have a chocolate cake party and create varieties to share.

There are so many ways to celebrate this delicious desert and it is one worth gathering with friends and family for!


Share how you are celebrating with #ChocolateCakeDay



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